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About Us

Rooted in Science, Grounded in Transparency.

We at GargleWorks® are guided and rooted in science because we believe that health and wellness grows from within. A healthy outside stems from what we put inside, providing real results you can see and feel. By being grounded in transparency and premium quality, GargleWorks® has become one of the most trusted oral health care product brands available on the market today.

Our Story

GargleWorks®, created in 2018, is a culmination of knowledge and experience collected over nearly 30 years in the healthcare industry, offering a different way to gently, safely and conveniently gargle with the most broad spectrum use application of any all natural oral health care product on the market today. Our company’s mission has never been to be the largest oral health care products company out there, with hundreds of different products on offer, all for the sake of profit. GargleWorks® mission will always be to deliver a safe, effective and premium quality product exclusively, which is hand crafted in small batches, using only the finest ingredients available on the planet, delivered in safe, compact and convenient, easy to travel and carry packaging, at an affordable price with great customer service and free shipping on all U.S. orders. We also offer a no hassle 60 Day, money back guarantee.

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